Easy Split with Square Cash


I love going out to get drinks and food with friends. Who doesn’t? But, when it comes down to splitting the check, things start to get complicated! It quickly starts the “I owe you” game! Which becomes a headache.

However, I’ve recently started using this app, Square Cash and it’s honestly been a life-saver! Now I don’t have to dread the end of the meal! You can cash out quick and instantly to your bank. You can even use it with someone that doesn’t have an account with the app.

It’s even quick and easy for business accounts. Square Cash lets you request payments for goods and services at the simple price of 2.75% per transaction. That’s it. It’s super cheap for your business, and easy for your customers.

Also, what I really love about the app is it eliminates social sharing features because what is the purpose of that?


Square Cash is by far my favorite money sharing app because it’s quick, easy, and free when you send to friends. Download it here! You will love it as much as I do!


Emily Men

In partnership with Square Cash.

Emily Men

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