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As you guys know, I am obsessed with skincare, and one of my favorite things to do is to try out new products. I have generally good skin, but I do get the occasional break out, especially around that time of the month. I always freak out when I can feel a pimple coming in, and I usually start to play scientist on my skin, which is not good! Usually the result of that is a minor burn and rashes, or extreme dryness from the harsh products I put on to get rid of it!

I’m always game to try the newest products and innovations in skincare, and recently I stumbled upon Tria’s Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light. I love facials, and always request they use the LED light treatment at the end of my facial to kill any bacteria on my face, so that I don’t break out after. When I saw Tria’s product, I was instantly interested in a tool that would allow me to treat myself at home with the same technology I always pay extra for in my facials. I chose to order the Clearing Blue Light along with a bundle that included the Tria Positively Clear Foam Cleanser and Positively Clear Spot Treatment, which I think complements the light treatment really well. But, you can also get items individually if you don’t want the bundle.

When I got the product I was so excited to try it! First, make sure the Clearing Blue Light is charged! Start with a clean face – I used the Positively Clear Foam Cleanser.

The Tria Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light comes with a treatment guide that you put around the affected area you are treating. It helps to frame the area you want to treat and makes it easier to guide the light within the treatment area.

As you can see, I used the treatment guide to frame a breakout on my face. To turn on the device, press and release the button until you hear a beep – that’s how you know it’s ready to use!

When you start, place the treatment tip inside your guide that you put on your face. You need to continuously guide the treatment tip evenly across the entire treatment area while maintaining constant contact with the skin for five minutes. The device will indicate the treatment is complete with a chime – you’ll know you’re done when the device’s light turns off! Just make sure that you maintain direct contact with the skin for the whole 5 minutes. I like to follow up with a drop of the spot treatment!

You can definitely feel the device working on your skin – there is a slight burning sensation but it doesn’t hurt, and it’s totally worth it for the amazing results! It’s best to use the product once a day until the breakout you’re treating is gone, and it works best for mild to moderate acne. If you’re like me and freak out over the occasional (or not so occasional!) breakout, then I really recommend it – it’s honestly amazing and so easy to use.

Now to get technical, because I always like to know everything about the products that I use! Tria’s Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light clears skin from within, because the blue light gently infiltrates pores and eliminates acne-causing bacteria to get to the source of the problem. Unlike most acne treatment products that use harsh, drying chemicals to fight breakouts on the surface, the Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light uses a powerful dose of acne-zapping blue light that penetrates into your skin. The impressive beam, packed inside a sleek, contoured device for an easy grip, targets the source of your breakouts deep within the skin.

And just after two days of using this, my skin is back to normal completely!! Obsessed!!


Emily Men

In partnership with Tria Beauty and all opinions are my own.


Emily Men

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