Customized Intimates with Impish Lee!

I am obsessed with personalized and customizable items, so when I found out Impish Lee allows you to design and customize your intimates- I was so excited because If you know me… I’m always in a robe and super comfortable intimates at home.

Impish Lee makes it super easy and quick to design your intimates! And they give you the choice to browse favorites so you can pick from some that have been designed and made already!

I had so much fun mixing fabrics on everything, so I designed all my pieces with different fabrications!!


How gorgeous is this robe? I mixed all different white laces together! There are even some pieces of velvet!

I customized a lot of my intimates in white and so I decided to go with a darker print and fabric for this piece!

Who doesn’t love velvet and lace together?

Design your own pieces and have all the fun here!!


Emily Men

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