Papyrus X Judith Leiber Couture Collaboration

As you all know by now, Papyrus is my favorite card company and the only place I get my cards! And, as you may have observed in my posts, Judith Leiber is my favorite special occasion (and really any occasion!) bag to use! So, when I heard about the collaboration between Papyrus and Judith Leiber, I was more then excited because it is a match made in heaven!!!

Judith Leiber Couture bags are known for their extravagant and embellished gems, which translates perfectly when combined with Papyrus’ beautiful cards. This year, Judith Leiber joins Papyrus’ Designer Collaboration Series, which debuted in 2016 with renowned designers Zang Toi and Lela Rose. This was the first collaboration of its kind in the greeting card industry, which makes it even more special and unique.

I absolutely LOVE sweets and anything multi-colored/colorful so this ice cream cone card basically has all of my favorite things in one place. It’s so adorable and will definitely brighten your and the special someone who receives this card’s day! Buy The Ice Cream Cone Birthday Card here!

Continuing with the sweets theme, I am also obsessed with this cupcake card, which is perfect for a birthday or any occasion that you want to add some whimsy to! Who doesn’t love a cupcake?! Buy The Pink Cupcake Birthday Card here!

The detail in each and every Papyrus is always done perfectly and that’s what makes them so special. I love the unicorn because it’s so playful and fun! This card is the perfect way to make someone feel special, and its works for practically every occasion! Buy The Gemmed Unicorn Card here!

I don’t even have words for this card – look at these details!! HUNDREDS of shimmering gems were lovingly applied to this handcrafted card. Everyone needs this card in their life, it’s so special. Buy The Black and Blue Butterfly Card here!

This is another one of my favorites from this collection because of my love for flowers. This card is so beautiful and simple at the same time. It’s amazing because on the back of every card you’ll find a photo of each original Judith Leiber Couture bag, which is the inspiration for all of the cards!! Buy The Pink Orchid Thank You Card here!

Another stunner. So gorgeous and elegant. I recently used this swan bag at a wedding I attended, and people were dying over it! Buy The Gemmed Swan Card here!

I mean, how gorgeous is this whole collection? Complete perfection, if you ask me!! I’ve highlighted just a few of my favorite cards from the collaboration – there are so many more beautiful cards to choose from!

Shop more of the Papyrus X Judith Leiber Collection below!! You can’t go wrong with any of these special cards, and whoever you give them to will be floored by their beauty. I’m getting extras to frame because they are pieces of art-  I just love them so much!! These cards range from $9.95-18.95, and worth every penny.

  • The Raspberry Cake Slice Birthday Card, buy here! Always love dessert themes!
  • The Hot Air Balloon Birthday Card, buy here!
  • The Top Hats Wedding Card, buy here!
  • The Pink Pearl Wedding Cake Card, buy here! This card is beyond gorgeous!! Another favorite of mine!
  • The Gemmed Tiger Card, buy here!
  • The Gemmed Koi Fish Card, buy here!
  • The Gemmed Chihuahua Card, buy here!
  • The Gemmed Butterfly Card buy here!
  • The New York Apple Card, buy here!

In collaboration with Papyrus and all opinions are my own!

Emily Men

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