My Simple Human Semi-Round Sensor Can

I am so excited to partner with simplehuman because I love all of their products! I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade my old simplehuman Step Can, and I found the perfect replacement with their new Semi-Round Sensor Can! It’s the perfect size for my kitchen, and I am obsessed with the chic rose gold color!

The new simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Can adapts to all my tasks! The sensor is so sensitive that when I’m using it, it doesn’t close unexpectedly – unlike other automatic trash cans, this one is not on a timer, so it won’t close on you while you’re still using it! The Sensor Can also has an innovative ‘liner pocket’ in the back that stores and dispenses the liners for a faster change and hides the edges of the trash can, so it always looks sleek. Not only does this trash can not distract from my home’s décor, it enhances it!

I mean, how gorgeous is this!?

I am especially obsessed with the motion sensor as the infrared fields can sense the area above and in front of the can so it opens automatically with the wave of your hand! It makes life so much easier - I know it might sound silly, but this is really one of those “once you try it, you’ll never want to go back” situations! The planetary gear system transfers speed for smooth and consistent lid operation and its 50% quieter than other brands!

They’ve thought of everything! So, when are you upgrading?


Emily Men

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Wedding Season Ready with Papyrus!

Wedding season is upon us, and Papyrus has got me covered!  Whether you are a wedding guest or a bride/groom to be, you will find everything you need at Papyrus!  A wedding is one of the most special moments in someone’s life, and there is no better way to elevate and celebrate it than with the joy of a beyond beautiful Papyrus moment!

As everyone knows by now, I’m obsessed with Papyrus! I love how unique and innovative all their cards are, and amount of thought and love brought into the design and details of every single card and product they come out with really makes all the difference.  I am especially in love with their new product categories like entertaining and desk accessories – you’ll see later how I used the entertainment pieces to decorate my sister’s bachelorette party!

Everyone knows that Papyrus has the most luxurious and stylish cards and gift wrap products around, and it is the same when it comes to their wedding collection. They make cards and giftwrap that are just as beautifully detailed as the wedding itself! To me, a card is always the most important and special part of the gift because it is a visual expression of how you feel in your heart.

Shop the photo!:

  • Laser-Cut Cake on Lavender Glitter, buy here.
  • Vintage Lace Medium Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Graceful Bloom Small Bag, buy here.
  • Graceful Bloom Medium Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Forevermore Tissue Paper, buy here.
  • Graceful Bloom Tissue Paper, buy here.
  • Printed Foil Gold Heart Tissue Paper, buy here.

The wedding dress is one of the most important and memorable parts of a wedding, and I love that Papyrus highlights this special moment in their cards too. They really do think of everything!

Shop similar wedding gown cards!:

  • Vibrant Butterfly Wedding Dress Card, buy here.
  • Lace Wedding Gown Bridal Shower Card, buy here.

I always love the handmade feels of every single card – there really is a card for every type of bride! Loving this one for the more rustic bride!

Shop the photo!:

  • Bride & Groom Chalkboard, buy here.

For those who can’t wait to be called Mr. and Mrs.! There are so many gorgeous cards and entertaining pieces for this theme! How adorable!!

Shop the photo!:

  • Whimsy Bridal Outfits Card, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Party Picks, buy here.

This is probably my absolute favorite card from the collection. It is from the Judith Leiber Couture collection (which is the newest of Papyrus’ collaboration series), and I cannot believe how gorgeous this card is!! The entire collection of gem-encrusted wedding cards are modeled after some of Judith Leiber’s most iconic wedding handbag designs! I am so obsessed with this card!!! I’ve already chosen it as the one I will give to my sister for her special day coming up – it is so beautifully embellished and perfect for the super glamorous or over-the-top bride!!

Shop the photo!:

  • Pink Pearl Wedding Cake Card, buy here.

How fun are these beautiful top hats from the Judith Leiber Couture Collection??  Love this card for a more modern bride (or grooms)! Also, how cute are the heart gift toppers?

Shop the photo!:

  • Top Hats Wedding Card, buy here.
  • Gemmed Silver Heart Gift Topper, buy here.

Papyrus just has so many different designs and styles to choose from.  This card is another one of my favorites, it is just so delicate and beautiful! This is a great example of a card that is simple in concept but stunning in execution – the colors and glitter and ribbon details are just enough to make everything pop!

Shop the photo!:

  • Lavender Wedding Blossoms Card, buy here.

I recently attended a friend’s wedding and opted for this gift bag to match the card from above! It was the perfect set and really complemented the wedding theme!

Shop the photo!:

  • Forevermore Medium Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Forevermore Tissue Paper, buy here.

Papyrus has what you need for every occasion! I recently planned my sister’s bachelorette party in Palm Springs, and incorporated several pieces from Papyrus’ event decoration collection for the occasion! How adorable is the set up!? I love the “celebrate” banner because it really brightens up the whole room in a stylish way, without being too theme-y or cheesy! It’s the perfect way to celebrate!

Shop the photo!:

  • Jardin Banner, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Dinner Plates, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Lunch Napkins, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Party Picks, buy here.

I love cupcakes and dessert, so of course I had to incorporate some sweets into the celebration!  The Papyrus plates and napkins were the perfect complement!

Shop the photo!:

  • Happily Ever After Dinner Plates, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Lunch Napkins, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Party Picks, buy here.

I added even more color and fun to the cupcakes with the party picks!

Shop the photo:

  • Happily Ever After Party Picks, buy here.

I made goodie bags for all the girls, and had to include my favorite Papyrus card for the occasion! This card was especially perfect for the weekend because all of the girls celebrated with rosé!  I also added the puffy silver heart gift topper to decorate and elevate every gift bag!

Shop the photo!:

  • Gemmed Silver Heart Gift Topper, buy here.
  • Cheers Watercolor Champagne Card, buy here.

Don’t you think the gift toppers add a great “something special” to each bag?? Shop more Bridal Party themed here!

Weddings are one of the most special occasions of your or your loved one’s life, and I think that attention to detail really makes it more memorable.  The Papyrus wedding collection is the perfect one-stop shop to get everything you need to make the occasion perfect. And if you need more inspiration for the big day, you can get it here and all things wedding here!

Shop more of my favorites from the wedding collection below! Celebrate with Papyrus! Xoxo.


  • Couture Love Wedding Lace Card, buy here.
    • The Couture line has the most elevated and exquisitely designed cards in the whole wedding line! It takes the art of the card to a whole new level- I just love them!
  • Beach Wedding Scene Card, buy here.
  • Cake on Floral Wedding Card, buy here.
  • Two Grooms Silhouette Card, buy here.
  • Mrs. & Mrs. Bridal Veils Card, buy here.
  • Wedding Vintage Lace Correspondence Cards, buy here.
  • Handmade Wedding Dress Thank You Boxed Notes, buy here.


  • Elegant Floral & Scroll Roll Wrap, buy here.
  • Chevron Text Roll Wrap, buy here.
  • Forever Love Medium Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Rainbow Reflections Tissue Paper, buy here.
  • Silver Fiber Tissue Paper, buy here.

Décor, Tableware, and Serving:

  • Happily Ever After Banner, buy here.
  • Happily Ever After Dessert Plates, buy here.
  • Vintage Lace Beverage Napkins, buy here.

In partnership with Papyrus!

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Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day with Papyrus!

Valentine’s Day is not only for your significant other! Now you can celebrate with your bests for Galentine’s Day! And as always, the only place I get my cards and wrapping is from my all time favorite, Papyrus!!!

There is no secret Papyrus is my favorite and only place that I get cards for every occasion, but I definitely love their special occasion cards! Of course who doesn’t love flowers and hearts, but that’s not all Valentine’s Day is about. Papyrus gives an opportunity to truly embrace and appreciate real gestures of love through the thoughtfulness of a beautiful and unique message written from your heart!!


It’s crazy to think that there are 180 million Valentine’s Day cards sent annually as it’s the second largest card sending holiday!! There are 173 cards in the Valentine’s Day collection this year, and over 30 new designs! These are some of my absolute favorites from the collection!!


The details that Papyrus employs in their cards are just amazing. They add so much through these unique designs and meticulous details in every card. How cute is the sushi card? I’m just obsessed with them all!


Apart from cards, Papyrus also has the perfect giftwrap products. They use the same kid of details with all their products so it carries over to their gift bags, tissue paper, bows, and ribbons!


I just love sweet treats, so these were the perfect Valentine’s Day small goodie bags to put some candy in for my friends! I love to make each gift a little different, so I love alternating different tissue paper to personalize each one!


Special moments with your special people! Just so many beautiful designs to choose from!!! I always spend hours picking out cards for my loved ones!

Shop the amazing items I used and more below!

Valentine’s Day Cards here!

Valentine’s Day Wrap and Bags here!


This is probably my favorite card. And just really shows how special their cards are. Papyrus puts so much thought into each card – you can’t find these kinds of designs anywhere else! Cards are always my favorite part of the gift because of the keepsake quality of it.  You know that each card was specifically picked for the person. There’s nothing I love more then a gift topped with the perfect Papyrus card!

Cheers! Happy Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day to you all! Hope you all have the most special day!


Emily Men

In partnership with Papyrus.

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Holiday Entertaining with Papyrus!

Everyone knows Papyrus is the only place I buy cards, so imagine my excitement when I heard that Papyrus was launching an entertainment collection just in time for the holidays! I’ve always loved Papyrus’s cards because of the unique designs and meticulous craftsmanship in each and every design, and I was thrilled to see that the Papyrus Entertainment Collection is no different.

I recently held a small get together at my apartment for the holidays, and the decorations I got from the Papyrus Entertainment Collection were the perfect details to highlight my snacks and gifts! Take a peek at how I entertained with Papyrus!


I was beyond happy with how everything turned out! It was so easy to create a fun and festive atmosphere when you start out with great decorations. I was so impressed with all of the handmade details that Papyrus is known for in all of the decorations. The details are what got me obsessed with the cards in the first place, and now I’m just as obsessed with their entertainment collection!


I just love the pom pom banner – it was so easy to decorate and transform my bar cart (I just taped it!).

Who doesn't love presents? The perfect present deserves the perfect wrapping, and these bags and tags are so perfect for the gifts I plan on giving to my friends and family this year!


The food is everyone’s favorite part of the holidays, and I accented everything with these adorable plates and napkins, which add the perfect festive touch to my desserts! The pom pom banner was also a great decoration piece for the table!


I mean! I’m just obsessed with these party picks!!!! The penguin is my favorite!


And how cute are these candy cane party picks I used to decorate my cupcakes?


And of course, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without Papyrus’s beautiful cards. I always spend hours in the store looking for the perfect cards for everyone on my list. There is nothing I love more then a card from my friends and family, so I hope they feel the same when I write a card for them! And if you are anything like me, I’m always last minute so hurry and get your decorations, giftwrap, and cards!! They are all on sale for 50% off right now!!

Shop the items I used below! I added in some of my other favorites too!


  • “Ho Ho Ho” Decorative Holiday Banner, buy here.
  • Holiday Pom Pom Banner, buy here.
  • Angel with Gifts Ornament, buy here.
  • Green Sparkly Pig Ornament, buy here.

Tableware & Serving:

  • Peppermint Dinner Plate, buy here.
  • Santa Suit Dessert Plates, buy here.
  • Elegant Floral Dinner Plates, buy here
  • Santa Suit Holiday Beverage Napkins, buy here.
  • Peppermint Holiday Beverage Napkins, buy here.
  • Blue Snowflake Beverage Napkins, buy here.
  • Peppermint Party Picks, buy here.
  • Honeycomb Holiday Critters Party Picks, buy here.


  • Holiday Bloom Small Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Jingle Bell Ornament Medium Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Pattern with Tree Shakey Medium Bag, buy here.
  • Treat Gift Bag, similar here or here.
  • Felt Snowman Holiday Bottle Gift Bag, buy here.
  • Plaid Tissue Paper, buy here.
  • Red & Gold Metallic Duo Tissue Paper, buy here.
  • Gold Foil Snowflakes Holiday Roll Wrap, buy here.
  • Eco-Friendly Candy Cane Bow, buy here.
  • Patterned Luggage Holiday Gift Tags, buy here.
  • Red with White Pom Pom Ribbon, buy here.


  • Handmade Geometric Neon Trees Boxed Holiday Cards, buy here.
  • Geometric Garland Tree Boxed Holiday Cards, buy here.
  • Reindeer with Wreath Boxed Holiday Cards, buy here.
  • Handmade Shadow Box Scene Boxed Holiday Cards, buy here.
  • Handmade Tacky Christmas Sweater Holiday Boxed Cards, buy here.
  • Handmade Dog with Scarf Boxed Holiday Cards, buy here.
  • Handmade Laser-Cut Happy Holidays Boxed Cards, buy here.
  • Beaded Sequin Tree Christmas Card, buy here.
  • Iridescent Ornaments Christmas Card, buy here.


Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into how I celebrate the holiday season. Happy Holidays to you all!!!


Emily Men
In partnership with Papyrus.

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Stephanie Cohen Home!


Home decor is something we are absolutely obsessed with! We had the pleasure to meet and talk to the talented and extremely successful interior designer, Stephanie Cohen. She describes her style as "clean with an opulent flare", which we completely agree with.

She has a unique eye and we absolutely love her work and all the pieces she has curated on her site! Take a look at all the amazing things on her site here. We have also handpicked a few of our favorite home decor items below - use code ‘Emilymen10%’ to get 10% off with no minimum on your purchase!! So much gorgeous stuff.


Shop some of our favorite pieces below! Honestly, check out the online store for everything, so many beautiful pieces and gifts!! Don't forget, put in code 'Emilymen10%' for 10% off!



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Frederique's Choice!


I'm absolutely obsessed with flowers! They are the perfect way to brighten your day and home. One of my favorite places to get flowers is Frederique's Choice. They offer fresh flowers, direct from the growers. Always fresh and always beautiful!!

This is the Aquarius Bouquet, which is my zodiac sign! I just love how it goes perfect with my condo and the flowers have a vintage feel, which I love. So gorgeous! Check out more here and buy some flowers to spruce up your home! XOXO!

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My Shhh Silk Pillows


Shhh Silk is a luxurious Australian beauty label, with a global following. They are dedicated to producing 100% pure silk pillowcases and silk sleeping caps. Shhh silk is the answer to that beauty secret you have been searching for!

"There is nothing we value more than our beauty sleep and the Shhh Silk philosophy reflects just that, we aim to enhance your daily beauty routine and ensure you not only get the most luxe nights sleep, but also experience the many health benefits that silk has to offer as you do so."

"With a multitude of health and beauty benefits, Shhh Silk pillowcases hydrate your skin whilst you sleep unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your skin leaving unwanted bed creases on your face. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for all skin types. Unlike cotton, which creates friction between your hair and the pillowcase, Shhh Silk is smooth so your hair can easily glide preventing split ends and hair breakage. Using one of our pillowcases and sleeping caps after a blow wave or curling your hair will ensure you wake up every day with perfect bed hair!"

I am seriously obsessed with these beautiful silk pillowcases and Lylah loves them too! Seriously amazing. Shop more here! You need one.

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My Hungrack!

Since starting my blog, I have been meaning to create an interior section of my blog to feature furniture items that truly inspire me and compliment my lifestyle. As the first post to this section I am excited to say I recently came across the perfect ‘first’ post. The product is called, Hungrack. Hungrack is a modern day clothing rack designed for individuals who are passionate about life and desire to look their best every day.

Collection2_grande  Collection1_grande

What intrigues me about Hungrack is how easy it makes the staging process for one’s daily outfit look so organized.


Also, one of the coolest features of the rack is that it allows for display customization by giving the user the ability to move the wood plates around without feeling constricted to a set rack design. I can really see this rack utilized in a bedroom as an extension of your closet or even a furniture piece in your living room as a throw rack for blankets.

I recently spoke to the founders of the company, twins Akash & Amit Niranjan and their sister Nina Niranjan Russo in Seattle. They explained their mission is to create lifestyle products that simplify the process of getting ready. Their signature piece is Hungrack because it serves as the central foundation for the styling process to begin. I can totally see how useful this rack will be in my home, especially when I prepare my look for the next day, the night before. When talking to Amit by phone this week he explained to me that,

“Like a canvas is for an artist’s paint brush, Hungrack is for your daily look or your prized possessions. We have noticed that some of our early customers use the rack not just for clothes, but a place to hang the things that motivate and excite them the most like the keys to their new Tesla or a favorite football jersey on gameday. We are trying to raise peoples standards, give them a space to showcase who they plan to be for the day, and make them more efficient with their morning routine. Why place your clothes on the floor, couch, or bed anymore when Hungrack provides the space to do it so much better.”

The rack is well worth the money spent for something you can use every day and will last you forever. Why throw your designer pieces in the back of your closet when you now have a place to display them on your Hungrack. Also, it is pretty cool that everything is Made in America and designed as luxury furniture you can proudly showcase in your home."

I just ordered my Hungrack collection, which will ship out in early March 2016.

Check out their website to learn more about the product and place your order at:




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