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Since starting my blog, I have been meaning to create an interior section of my blog to feature furniture items that truly inspire me and compliment my lifestyle. As the first post to this section I am excited to say I recently came across the perfect ‘first’ post. The product is called, Hungrack. Hungrack is a modern day clothing rack designed for individuals who are passionate about life and desire to look their best every day.

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What intrigues me about Hungrack is how easy it makes the staging process for one’s daily outfit look so organized.


Also, one of the coolest features of the rack is that it allows for display customization by giving the user the ability to move the wood plates around without feeling constricted to a set rack design. I can really see this rack utilized in a bedroom as an extension of your closet or even a furniture piece in your living room as a throw rack for blankets.

I recently spoke to the founders of the company, twins Akash & Amit Niranjan and their sister Nina Niranjan Russo in Seattle. They explained their mission is to create lifestyle products that simplify the process of getting ready. Their signature piece is Hungrack because it serves as the central foundation for the styling process to begin. I can totally see how useful this rack will be in my home, especially when I prepare my look for the next day, the night before. When talking to Amit by phone this week he explained to me that,

“Like a canvas is for an artist’s paint brush, Hungrack is for your daily look or your prized possessions. We have noticed that some of our early customers use the rack not just for clothes, but a place to hang the things that motivate and excite them the most like the keys to their new Tesla or a favorite football jersey on gameday. We are trying to raise peoples standards, give them a space to showcase who they plan to be for the day, and make them more efficient with their morning routine. Why place your clothes on the floor, couch, or bed anymore when Hungrack provides the space to do it so much better.”

The rack is well worth the money spent for something you can use every day and will last you forever. Why throw your designer pieces in the back of your closet when you now have a place to display them on your Hungrack. Also, it is pretty cool that everything is Made in America and designed as luxury furniture you can proudly showcase in your home.”

I just ordered my Hungrack collection, which will ship out in early March 2016.

Check out their website to learn more about the product and place your order at:




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