Papyrus at NYFW: The Shows Spring 2018!

Papyrus and NYFW: The Shows are the match made in heaven and its that time again when they bring all the magic to NYFW! At this point, I think it wouldn’t feel like fashion week without Papyrus! As they enter the 12th season as the official greeting card sponsor of NYFW: The Shows- they brought even more of an experience this season to fashion week!

Papyrus exudes beauty, detail, self-expression, and love in everything they are do! This season their presence at fashion week was a fully-immersive experience with the return of the Café by Papyrus, fun activities, and collaborations with world-renowned designers. They inspire not only during fashion week, but EVERYDAY!

Papyrus always has the perfect set up to refuel with a new signature drink, recharge, and relax during this hectic time of the year! How perfect is the set up this year in Spring Studios? I love the vintage yet modern feel this season! Not to mention, It’s also always the perfect time to check out and stock up on all your favorite Papyrus cards!

Papyrus has always been known for their premium handcrafted paper goods and for their attention to detail, and they have always had a connection to fashion and to the arts. How beautiful is this display?! So relaxing to just chill out in between shows and look at the beautiful cards- it’s truly not just a card, but a piece of art.

But first, cofffe- right?! I’m always looking forward to the new signature drink and snacks to help you get through this crazy time of the year! My favorite this year was to get the Blush Latte. It was delicious and beautiful at the same time!

And what is a cup of coffee or tea without a sweet treat?! There was so much to offer from hazelnut & dark chocolate or earl grey & vanilla bean cram puffs, granola bars, to white chocolate passion fruit macarons! My favorite was the hazelnut & dark chocolate cream puff! Literally got 10 a day!

One of the most special and unique parts of The Café by Papyrus was haiku poet, Lisa Ann Markuson from the Haiku Guys + Gals group, who was at the café everyday to customize fashion week attendees with a special haiku written on the spot. How special is that? Only Papyrus would  think of something so genius!

This haiku was personally written for me was so personal and touching. Every person that got a haiku written left with so much happiness, hope, and inspiration. This was truly one of my favorite activations in all 12 seasons!

We can never forget all the beautiful Papyrus cards handed out during the week! Papyrus’ cards truly show so much attention to detail, innovative and cutting-edge treatments, premiere artist and world-renowned designer collaborations, and not just cards but new product categories like entertaining and desk accessories!

Everyday, there were 2 different cards being handed out by the Papyrus team and you can only imagine the look of sadness and frustration if they ran out of cards for the day! I always love how easy and fun Papyrus would make it to mail your loved ones (no matter where in the world they were) and spread the joy and beauty of Papyrus from their café at Spring Studios! I was sure to mail out all my Valentine’s Day cards on time in between shows!

This year, Papyrus had one of the most powerful movements I’ve seen with a “Beautiful Statement Walk”! The brand partnered with noteworthy fashion designers Prabal Gurung, Jonathan Simkhai. These designers have all made an impact on the fashion industry in their own unique way, and together with Papyrus they created empowering and inspiring works of art called and installed them backstage at the shows! Take a look at each designer’s twist on the concept!

Papyrus successfully collaborated with the designers to incorporate the designers’ collections with the beautiful statement boards! They took the concept of walking directions and infused it with their usual creativity and beauty and really brought these words of CONFIDENCE to life! In the world today, with all the pressures to conform, this is such an important message to everyone.

Backstage at Jonathan Simkhai
Photographer: Kathryn Page

I loved how different all the designers collaborations were!

There was just so much fun going on! One of my favorite collaborations was Papyrus x Judith Leiber! You can only imagine how excited I was to hear about another collaboration between my favorite cards and my favorite accessories! I had so much fun attending the Papyrus x Judith Leiber Party that kicked off NYFW: The Shows!

Dee Ocleppo collaborated with Papyrus on this collection and she is having all the photobooth fun seeing the Judtih Leiber Bag translate to the gorgeous Papyrus card!

How gorgeous are the new Papyrus x Judith Leiber cards!!?! I am obsessed!!!! Per usual!

Papyrus cards truly elevate everyday moments into the most magical events, and as everyone knows by now, I only get my cards from Papyrus! They truly make every moment you are celebrating that much more special, and even with an already amazing event like NYFW- it gets taken on a whole new level by Papyrus every season! I can’t wait to see what magic they come up with next season!


Emily Men.

In partnership with Papyrus! All opinions are my own.

Emily Men

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