My Simple Human Semi-Round Sensor Can

I am so excited to partner with simplehuman because I love all of their products! I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade my old simplehuman Step Can, and I found the perfect replacement with their new Semi-Round Sensor Can! It’s the perfect size for my kitchen, and I am obsessed with the chic rose gold color!

The new simplehuman Semi-Round Sensor Can adapts to all my tasks! The sensor is so sensitive that when I’m using it, it doesn’t close unexpectedly – unlike other automatic trash cans, this one is not on a timer, so it won’t close on you while you’re still using it! The Sensor Can also has an innovative ‘liner pocket’ in the back that stores and dispenses the liners for a faster change and hides the edges of the trash can, so it always looks sleek. Not only does this trash can not distract from my home’s décor, it enhances it!

I mean, how gorgeous is this!?

I am especially obsessed with the motion sensor as the infrared fields can sense the area above and in front of the can so it opens automatically with the wave of your hand! It makes life so much easier – I know it might sound silly, but this is really one of those “once you try it, you’ll never want to go back” situations! The planetary gear system transfers speed for smooth and consistent lid operation and its 50% quieter than other brands!

They’ve thought of everything! So, when are you upgrading?


Emily Men

Emily Men

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